I would like to welcome you to the Long Island Pharmacists Society Website.  This is really the first time we have had a presence in cyberspace.  Our organization has been advocating for pharmacists and the Profession of Pharmacy for many years.  We do it here on Long Island where we conduct CE programs, visit with lawmakers regarding regulatory and legislative issues and interact with many other groups to provide better healthcare to our communities.

The Long Island Pharmacists Society (LIPS) is an affiliate in good standing of The Pharmacists Society of the State of New York (PSSNY).

Our two organizations work for the betterment of the profession of Pharmacy.  Pharmacists of every practice setting are represented by our organization.  PSSNY’s office is located in Albany, the seat of our state government.  LIPS has two representatives on the PSSNY Board of Directors.  

It would be difficult to mention everything that LIPS does on an ongoing basis and all of the accomplishments we have made for our profession over the years.  I encourage you to become a member of LIPS and you will then coincidentally be a PSSNY member.  

Remember; no matter where you practice or how many years you went to school or what title you have we all have the same license in New York State.  There is strength in numbers.  See what we are about.  Put your toes in and feel the water.  I am sure after you do so you will want to swim laps!

Respectfully Submitted,

Howie J

President of the Long Island Pharmacists Society


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